With no time to burn those extra calories you gain and no time for vigorous workout sessions, ORELITE SLIM TEA is what you need to keep your body in shape and lose those extra pounds. ORELITE SLIM TEA brings you this amazing combination of herbs and green tea that brings along a wide range of health benefits. Obesity can lead to a lot of health problems illness, which of course can be now taken care of when you sip this regularly. This delicious and satisfying wellness tea is formulated to meltdown saturated fat naturally with Licorice, Ginger, Cinnamon, Ginseng, Terminalia-chebula, Terminalia etc. which contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals that keep your metabolism high and maintains the energy you need to keep up an active lifestyle while you cut down that extra weight. Thoughtfully blended with flavorful high-quality tea.

Formulated to meltdown saturated fat naturally
Keeps your metabolism high
Blended with flavourful high-quality herbs
Does not contain added flavours
Can be infused at least 3 times

Bring water to boil and let it cool down to 90 C
Put 2gms tea leaves in 200 ml water and cover with the lid
Allow tea leaves to brew for 3-4 minutes
Reuse tea leaves one more times

Store in a cool dry place

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