Apextar can be your vehicle on the road to financial freedom and a lifetime of satisfaction by helping others. It rewards your personal efforts and allows you to leverage your time while helping others. This is a women’s empowerment program through which women are trained to form self-organized and self-managed groups, each consisting of 5-10 members, to develop their individual empowerment and increase their access to financial resources. Women take loans for small businesses, healthcare and education for their children and home improvements. APEXTAR’S WOMEN EMPOWERMENT a platform not only raise awareness on important topics, but also to join together and take action to improve their lives and communities.

Always looking to improve the model, APEXTAR to integrate their life skills to expand the ongoing social support and skilled-based training that women in APEXTAR desire as they grow on their path to personal empowerment. A business that provides a better life with income potential, flexibility and prestige. Starting your own business is one of the most powerful ways to make money for you and improve your family’s financial condition.


APEXTAR GROUP is seeking applications to operate a program to provide direct financial assistance to Indian womens for the implementation of small-scale projects for the benefit of disadvantaged groups of society. The program will focus primarily on the empowerment of women and girls.

Eligible projects will usually be selected for towards the end of every month. During the selection process project officers will contact you for a field visit. Please note that such field visits do not automatically result in approving of the project proposal.
After a decision in favor of a project, an allocation agreement will have to be concluded and signed between APEXTAR and PROJECT OWNER.


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